Protecting all that makes your house, your home.

We understand the care and attention it takes to turn a house into your home, so we want to make sure you feel confident in our ability to repair, replace or rebuild in the event that something happens. From antique furnishings to sophisticated audio systems, you will benefit from comprehensive bespoke protection as well as insightful advice on ways to further protect and secure your home.


Our global clients' experiences in their own words.

“I feel privileged to be a client of Chubb. I feel secure. I don't know what you would do if you didn't have a company like Chubb”

The key benefits for homeowners


Complimentary home appraisals

In most instances, we send highly trained Chubb risk consultants to your door to document the intricacies of your home and precious possessions. To ensure your home and contents are covered thoroughly, and to advise you on any fire, water, theft or other risks which may be present.


Remarkable worldwide cover, warranty free, no small print

Many insurers insist you use your alarm at all times in order for your insurance to be valid. Or use specific locks on windows or doors. We rarely apply such restrictive conditions and we trust our clients.


Family protection

Sometimes, bad events happen for instance aggravated burglary or road rage. We understand the impact this can have, so we will cover counselling costs or upgrades in security. We don’t just protect your assets we look for ways to do more for the well-being of your family.


Unlimited repair cover

Following our complimentary appraisal, for most homes, we will pay to have your home repaired or rebuilt to its original condition, even if the cost exceeds your sums insured.


Take the cash instead

In the event of a covered total loss, if you decide not to rebuild, Chubb offers a cash settlement, up to your sums insured


Covered automatically for new purchases

All your home and contents purchases will be automatically covered by us for at least 60 days before you need to tell us.


All your residences on one policy

Whether you own a country house, holiday home, or an extensive worldwide property portfolio, we may be able to cover all your properties under one insurance policy


A place to stay during repairs

If you need a place to stay during repairs, we’ll help you find the right place based on where you’ll be most comfortable.

Case study - An example of a complimentary home appraisal

A client wished to insure two London properties: his main six-bedroom home and a mews house that he rents out.

One of our expert risk consultants assessed both homes, recording construction, making a note of finishes for restoration work, and a careful review of all the precious contents.

The main home was insured for £2.5million and the mews home for £1.1million. Following a full appraisal of both properties, the sum insured for the main home was correct but the mews house was reduced as it had been insured at its market value not its actual rebuild cost.

However, the main home’s contents had been underinsured. The client’s clothing was under insured and his wine collection had not been included at all.

In addition the Chubb risk consultant made recommendations about fire and security along with other protection measures. This included relocating some of his paintings to prevent sun damage.

With Chubbs home appraisal, not only was risk reduced, and money saved but the client had the reassurance that should a claim settlement be necessary, it would be properly covered.


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