Here are three helpful questions to ask yourself annually to ensure your family and home are fully protected for peace of mind

Have there been any significant changes to my home and contents value?

Over the course of this year, you may have made changes to your home which have increased the footprint of your living space or the rebuild cost. Along with your home, there are also other important factors to consider, such as any major acquisitions of new contents which may not be reflected in your schedule sums insured. If your circumstances have changed, we have a list of trusted advisors to help you assess and monitor the valuations of your home, fine art, antiques and jewellery in order to ensure your protection is up to date.

Could I have overlooked anything?

When it comes to home and contents, items such as wardrobes, jewellery and wine tend to be routinely overlooked and undervalued. At Chubb, these are some of the most common areas our clients pass over when taking stock of their possessions. If you have not had a recent valuation, it could be an opportune time to talk to an appraiser. Another point to consider is the location in which your vehicle is stored. Storage conditions are critical to maintaining and preserving rare, classic and luxury cars. So, if you’re considering where to keep your car, ask yourself some questions about the suitability of its location.

Are all my fire and water protections up to standard?

We know that the greatest number of claims can be caused by water damage. Thankfully, there are strong innovations on the market which strengthen prevention. For example, water leak detection systems can be installed to turn off your water flow at source should a leak be detected. You can find more about these specialist services on our little black book page, with trusted contacts who can provide state of the art technology in fire and water safety services.


Our global clients' experiences in their own words.

“I feel privileged to be a client of Chubb. I feel secure. I don't know what you would do if you didn't have a company like Chubb”

What about the value of extending Chubb protection to your cars?

The key benefits of our car insurance.


Comprehensive cover on borrowed vehicles

You and other named drivers enjoy fully comprehensive cover on any vehicle you rent or borrow.


Agreed value

If your car is written-off or stolen, with a Chubb Agreed Value, you will know what we will pay in the event of it being stolen or a total write off. Also, we will pay up to 50% more than the Agreed Value if the sum insured is not sufficient to fund a replacement.


Courtesy car stolen or damaged

A like for like courtesy car for you to drive, whilst yours is unavailable. Unlike other insurers, our courtesy car is available to our clients even for instances of theft.


Diminution In Value cover

For cars over fifteen years old, our pioneering Diminution In Value (DIV) cover, pays whatever the difference is between your car's market value before and after a repair, as well as the repair costs themselves.


The option to replace or restore

If your car is over 15 years old, we will, if necessary, pay up to 25% (max £100k) above the Agreed Value to restore it back to its condition before the covered accident occurred. Most insurers declare a car a total loss if the repairs cost more than 60% of it’s value.


The freedom to choose

We trust whoever you trust is best to undertake repairs to your car, even if this means sending your car overseas. Alternatively take advantage of our extensive network of reputable repair specialists.


Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Parts

Because we never compromise on quality, we insist on using OEM parts to repair your car. In the unlikely event original parts aren’t available, we’ll pay to have them fabricated.


The confidence to travel

Benefit from Europe-wide breakdown cover for you and your family.