Here are three helpful questions to ask yourself annually to ensure your cars are fully protected for peace of mind

Have my car insurance requirements changed this year?

Over the course of the year, the way you use, store and who drives your car may have changed. It’s important that your policy reflects this, so that we can ensure your protection suits your current needs. We also know that the car market can fluctuate significantly, and your cars may have altered in value. Be they classic cars, super cars or everyday cars, for peace of mind it’s worth getting a regular valuation. With one policy and the same high standard of cover you’d expect, you can include all your cars on your Chubb multi-vehicle policy should you wish to do so.

“If God had meant for us to walk, why did he give us feet that fit car pedals?

- Sir Stirling Moss First class

Save up to 33%

On our motor insurance premiums. Ask us about Chubb multi-vehicle cover.

Is my car storage facility in a suitable condition?

When it comes to cars, most owners immediately think about protecting their vehicle if they were to have an accident while they are on the road. What few consider is the place where the vehicle is stored. Storage conditions are critical to maintaining and preserving rare, classic and luxury cars. So, if you’re considering where to store your car, ask yourself some questions about its suitability. Pay particular attention to security, fire and water risk. We know that thinking about your storage facility is a lot less exciting than thinking about your car, but our specialist risk consultants could save you an awful lot of heartache.

Are there other ways I can protect my car from theft?

If you want to protect your car, then vehicle tracking systems are one of the most effective security measures, however, you will need to ensure your tracker subscription is paid and active at all times, as we know not all dealers will send a reminder. For keyless entry vehicles, it’s also a good idea to put your keys in a Faraday Pouch to provide an extra level of security. A Faraday Pouch will block RF (Radio signals) and help to reduce the chances of your vehicle being stolen by what is known as ‘Relay Theft’.


Our global clients' experiences in their own words.

“Following a major collision, Chubb restored my 1968 classic racing car to its former original condition without hesitation. Certainly not many insurers would have done that for me.”

What about the value of extending Chubb protection to your home?

The key benefits of our home protection.


Complimentary home appraisals

In most instances, we send highly trained Chubb risk consultants to your door to document the intricacies of your home and precious possessions. To ensure your home and contents are covered thoroughly, and to advise you on any fire, water, theft or other risks which may be present.


Remarkable worldwide cover, warranty free, no small print

Many insurers insist you use your alarm at all times in order for your insurance to be valid. Or use specific locks on windows or doors. We rarely apply such restrictive conditions and we trust our clients.


Family protection

Sometimes, bad events happen for instance aggravated burglary or road rage. We understand the impact this can have, so we will cover counselling costs or upgrades in security. We don’t just protect your assets we look for ways to do more for the well-being of your family.


Unlimited repair cover

Following our complimentary appraisal, for most homes, we will pay to have your home repaired or rebuilt to its original condition, even if the cost exceeds your sums insured.


Take the cash instead

In the event of a covered total loss, if you decide not to rebuild, Chubb offers a cash settlement, up to your sums insured


Covered automatically for new purchases

All your home and contents purchases will be automatically covered by us for at least 60 days before you need to tell us.


All your residences on one policy

Whether you own a country house, holiday home, or an extensive worldwide property portfolio, we may be able to cover all your properties under one insurance policy


A place to stay during repairs

If you need a place to stay during repairs, we’ll help you find the right place based on where you’ll be most comfortable.