Your safety drives us to provide an exceptional standard of service, repairs and convenience.

At Chubb, we understand how much a car can mean to their owner. Your car is more than a vehicle, and driving is as much an experience as it is a necessity. Whilst considerations of aesthetics, safety and performance may underpin why your car is important, they can also make repairs challenging. Our motor specialists never compromise and insist on using original quality parts for repairs. Getting you and your car back on the road. No detail too small. No expense spared.


Our global clients' experiences in their own words.

“Following a major collision, Chubb restored my 1968 classic racing car to its former original condition without hesitation. Certainly not many insurers would have done that for me.”

The key benefits of our motor insurance


Comprehensive cover on borrowed vehicles

You and other named drivers enjoy fully comprehensive cover on any vehicle you rent or borrow.


Agreed value

If your car is written-off or stolen, with a Chubb Agreed Value, you will know what we will pay in the event of it being stolen or a total write off. Also, we will pay up to 50% more than the Agreed Value if the sum insured is not sufficient to fund a replacement.


Courtesy car stolen or damaged

A like for like courtesy car for you to drive, whilst yours is unavailable. Unlike other insurers, our courtesy car is available to our clients even for instances of theft.


Diminution In Value cover

For cars over fifteen years old, our pioneering Diminution In Value (DIV) cover, pays whatever the difference is between your car's market value before and after a repair, as well as the repair costs themselves.


The option to replace or restore

If your car is over 15 years old, we will, if necessary, pay up to 25% (max £100k) above the Agreed Value to restore it back to its condition before the covered accident occurred. Most insurers declare a car a total loss if the repairs cost more than 60% of it’s value.


The freedom to choose

We trust whoever you trust is best to undertake repairs to your car, even if this means sending your car overseas. Alternatively take advantage of our extensive network of reputable repair specialists.


Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Parts

Because we never compromise on quality, we insist on using OEM parts to repair your car. In the unlikely event original parts aren’t available, we’ll pay to have them fabricated.


The confidence to travel

Benefit from Europe-wide breakdown cover for you and your family.

Case study - An example of how Chubb pays claims

A client’s classic car collection included a much loved 1962 Porsche 356B Twin Grille. The client had bought the 1962 Porsche some years prior and had lovingly restored it.

On his way to a wedding, our client chose to drive his Porsche. En route it was hit by a lorry coming out of a side turning. Fortunately, no one was hurt but the damage was extensive.

Chubb chauffeured the client and his wife to the wedding and then took the Porsche to the garage of his choice, one he had always used and trusted.

Most insurers insist on writing off a car if its repair costs exceeds its value.

Chubb likes to do more.

Whilst we offered a cash payment of £100,000, because of the car’s sentimental value, the client wanted his car repaired.

For the repair itself, we insisted on original manufacturer’s parts where possible, including the panels. Chubb paid beyond the value to get the car back on the road. Ready for future wedding trips!


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