Here are three helpful questions to ask yourself annually to ensure your valuables are fully protected for peace of mind

Have my insurance requirements changed?

Over the course of this year, you may have added to your collection or bought new items for your home so the total amount of your valuables could have increased. Changes in your lifestyle could also mean that your policy needs to change to accomodate what it is you wish to do, so it’s important that your policy reflects any changes in your lifestyle, so that we can ensure your protection suits your current needs.

Could I have overlooked anything?

When it comes to home and contents, items such as wardrobes, jewellery and wine tend to be routinely overlooked and undervalued. At Chubb, these are some of the most common areas our clients pass over when taking stock of their possessions. If you have not had a recent valuation, it could be an opportune time to talk to an appraiser. Another point to consider are items such as vintage clothing these can hold great value along with watches. Our valuation firm Gurr Johns have recently estimated luxury watches have risen greatly in value.

Are all my fire and water protections up to standard?

We know that the greatest number of claims can be caused by water damage. Thankfully, there are strong innovations on the market which strengthen prevention. For example, water leak detection systems can be installed to turn off your water flow at source should a leak be detected. You can find more about these specialist services on our little black book page, with trusted contacts who can provide state of the art technology in fire and water safety services.


Our global clients' experiences in their own words.

“Chubb is honest, has incredible integrity, and I trust them. They exceed my expectations in every single case.”

The key benefits of valuables insurance


Comprehensive worldwide coverage

We provide worldwide, “all-risk” coverage for your valuables for most causes of accidental loss and damage, even when travelling


Specialist protection for jewellery, art, antiques, guns, wine and valuables

We pay the Chubb Agreed Value for specified items – with no excess for any loss, so you know exactly what your compensation will be.


A focus on prevention and preservation

We will share tips on how to protect your possessions from burglary. For art collectors, we will provide complementary loss prevention and preservation advice.


Liberal Valuation requirements

We do not demand valuations for valuables under £100,000, except for jewellery where the limit is £50,000.


Newly acquired item coverage

We cover all your new valuable purchases, automatically for at least 60 days before you need to tell us. At a minimum, we cover newly acquired items of Fine Art up to £1m and other valuables up to £250k.


Protection for sets and pairs

If part of a pair or set is lost or damaged beyond repair, if you give us the remaining parts and we’ll pay you the full Agreed Value of the entire set.