Insure the precious items you love with confidence.

A watch passed down from your grandfather, an art collection studiously curated over a decade, or a one-of-a-kind piece from your travels abroad, all these precious possessions have meaning far beyond their material worth.

At Chubb, we have the expertise to protect those treasured items you hold dear.


Our global clients' experiences in their own words.

“Chubb is honest, has incredible integrity, and I trust them. They exceed my expectations in every single case.”

The key benefits of valuables insurance


Comprehensive worldwide coverage

We provide worldwide, “all-risk” coverage for your valuables for most causes of accidental loss and damage, even when travelling


Specialist protection for jewellery, art, antiques, guns, wine and valuables

We pay the Chubb Agreed Value for specified items – with no excess for any loss, so you know exactly what your compensation will be.


A focus on prevention and preservation

We will share tips on how to protect your possessions from burglary. For art collectors, we will provide complementary loss prevention and preservation advice.


Liberal Valuation requirements

We do not demand valuations for valuables under £100,000, except for jewellery where the limit is £50,000.


Newly acquired item coverage

We cover all your new valuable purchases, automatically for at least 60 days before you need to tell us. At a minimum, we cover newly acquired items of Fine Art up to £1m and other valuables up to £250k.


Protection for sets and pairs

If part of a pair or set is lost or damaged beyond repair, if you give us the remaining parts and we’ll pay you the full Agreed Value of the entire set.

Case study – How Chubb looks for ways to do more

Our client wanted to have their precious £1.5m rare Burmese antique 15.87ct sapphire valued. Unfortunately, at valuation stage, it was discovered the item was damaged.

We arranged to have the stone examined further using forensic high-definition imaging. The sapphire itself carried significant sentimental value, so repair was the first option we sought to immediately pursue. The images showed that the stone had been damaged accidentally, and that it could not be repaired or re-set. This incredibly rare, one of a kind sapphire needed to be replaced. Most insurers would have insisted that the client accept a replacement stone sourced by them, with few other options offered. At Chubb, however, we wanted to do more.

A certified stone was sourced in Amsterdam, and we offered to fly the client out to inspect the stone in person. Their schedule meant they could not go, so we had the stone shipped from Amsterdam, covering all expenses. It transpired the stone was not right, and the search continued. Then, the client contacted us to say they had found a suitable gemstone based in Hong Kong. We immediately agreed, and the claim was settled to the delight of the client.


Stay ahead — and informed — with these insightful tips to protect your valued possessions

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